sexta-feira, agosto 17, 2007


I was thinking...

I forgot so many things... I tried a lot of different ways...
I though that my dreams will come true earlier.
I trully hope.
I am trying to wait, but I cant handle it. I cant wait so long.
I have needs, I have wishes, I have dreams.
I am a human being, I am not an animal. I have feelings and brain.
I can think by myself, I can do hard things. I am not afraid of sadness.
I am afraid just because I dont wanna be here, I dont wanna wait, I dont wanna put my dreams away. I never found a good dream, you know? I though that I dont had it. My life was empty - still empty - but I can see a future.
I dont know if it's a good future, or not.... I just wanna go to MY future, my destiny and do what I have to do. I wanna the right of make my own choices. Can I?


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